With requests for a moratorium on the expansion of industrial fish farming in Tasmania falling on deaf ears within the government, we need to up the pressure on all politicians and decision-makers. 

We don’t want another Macquarie Harbour situation in Okehampton Bay (soon to have 18 extra pens!), Storm Bay, Martha Lavinia Beach on King Island, Bruny Island, on the Tasman Peninsula, or any other Tasmanian inshore coastal or estuarine waters. If we must have this industry, let’s ensure it is properly regulated and that our mutual goal is a truly ‘sustainable marine environment’. This means moving away from the current ‘worst practice inshore fin fish farming’, to an industry that is on land or well out to sea.

Whilst we appreciate that Huon Aquaculture for example is trying to advance the standard of their operations, strong action that affects the whole industry’s bottom line may be the only way to convince the players to listen to the voices of so many people calling for an open and reasonable discussion, sustainable long-term planning, tight regulation and an independent review panel.

One way of doing this is to call for a BOYCOTT ON ALL INSHORE FARMED SALMON IN TASMANIA.

 What does a boycott mean?

  • Refusal to purchase any Tassal, Huon Acquaculture or Petuna Seafoods inshore farmed salmon
  • Explaining to store managers, restaurant/hospitality personnel the reasons for your refusal to purchase
  • Asking them to consider not stocking or using farmed salmon in their store or restaurant/eatery
  • Writing to the corporations – Tassal, Huon Acquaculture and Petuna Seafoods; state and federal government ministers / representatives; your local councillors, the EPA, the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel (DIPIPWE) and any other related agencies, to advise them of your decision not to purchase until these companies change their current fish farming practices in Tasmania
  • Sharing your decision on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you choose to get the message out across Tasmania, Australia and globally.


Do you support a boycott on all inshore farmed salmon in Tasmania as described above?

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