Tasmanian Election Inquiry is asking the Tasmanian government what and when they knew about the mass fish deaths in Macquarie Harbour – and they’re remembering FloatMO, when thousands of us turned up to tell the Hodgman Liberal government just what we thought about industrial fish farms.

Thank you again everybody for showing up that day – the fight goes on and we will not go away! A year on and there are now community groups all over our island against BIG SALMON! Despite all opposition, both Labor and Liberals still back the expansion. So much for the ‘integrity, transparency and honesty’ spruiked endlessly by both these parties. Please share this with your networks and let them know the fight goes on!

Something fishy going on…

One Year Ago – On June 17, 2017, thousands of Tasmanians rallied to protest the rapid and unfettered growth of Industrial Fish Farms. Secrecy surrounds this industry. There is no truly independent regulation and a total lack of transparency. For example, we now know that 1.35M Salmon died in Macquarie Harbour World Heritage Area in 2017/18. The community was hearing stories but when we asked questions, including during the election campaign, we were told that everything was fine. The only reason we know about the mass fish mortality is because a good Tasmanian Citizen leaked the document to the ABC.

Posted by Tasmanian Election Inquiry on Saturday, 16 June 2018


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